Those who eat vegan or those who choose alternative medicine is scientifically ignorant?

Those who eat vegan or those who choose alternative medicine is scientifically ignorant?

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Silvio Garattini – Treatment with fresh water. Some scientific word on homeopathy and surroundings

Homeopathy, Vegan diets, healing herbs, miracle cures, refusal of vaccines: Unfortunately medical practices completely unfounded scientifically spread with great speed, relying sometimes on desperation but much more often on scientific ignorance spread, for which, For example, It makes it hard to understand what it means to really cause and effect link. Certain, the responsibility of physicians and the scientific community in General, often perched in their ivory tower.

Most patients I meet in my firm are people who arrive with a precise request: parents who after repeated rounds of antibiotics and cortisone feel that their child is not benefiting from the conventional drug treatment, chronically ill see that increase the number of drugs that have to take and their disorders. It is patients who mostly listened to the positive testimony of their friends or acquaintances, they sought information from different sources and after reflecting long decide to request a second opinion, possibly different from the first set that left them disappointed in their request: heal or at least improve the quality of life.

I have a lot of respect for patients who come to me, first of all because they're demonstrating their confidence (merely because you chose me) and because I think, Although they have not studied medicine, possess an ability and knowledge of logic itself needed to be observed and listen and tell all this is essential for working with the homeopath.

I also try to carve out the time to explain that homeopathy is a ' medicine of experience "and that data is derived from observation of the remedy whose effects are observed in the healthy subject experiences it and have occurred at a time when they are able to cure those same symptoms in sick person.

Sometimes the patient seeks assurances with respect to side effects. And here some would say ironically that "So is fresh water", but fortunately a group of scientists (including Luc Montagnier, to name one perhaps best known) show us the quantum physics (nanoparticole marked with the Atomic microscope) and the latest chemistry studies (solvatochromici dyes for homeopathic dilutions) useful tools to explain homeopathic remedies. We are still far from being able to explain how they can be so striking changes in the body of those who experience a homeopathic remedy.

The problem of not having the tools or the appropriate approach to explain a phenomenon evident does not mean that this phenomenon exists and we understand this thinking what underwent Galileo saying that the earth revolves around the Sun!

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